Every penny you give makes a difference

We use the donations we receive to buy plants for the tubs and for the Abbey Grounds. We also have to buy soil conditioner, plant food and other necessities for healthy happy plants.

In 2021 we have received donations from

Gardiner Haskins Superstore

Inner Wheel (Cirencester)

Rotary Club (Cirencester)


This year our plant sale will again be in the Market Place. Its on Saturday 22nd May from 9 am – 12 noon.

Our plants are donated by kind people who have spares, and we have a wide range for sale, from veggies to house plants.

All the money raised goes to help buy plants to make the town look a brighter and more beautiful place, so PLEASE support us. Grow plants, buy plants, or just make a donation.

Plant Sale

Once again we are holding our plant sale in the Market Place to raise money to buy plants and bulbs to make the town look lovely. Please support us, either by growing and donating plants, or by buying plants. (if neither appeals

Waiting for customers – all these plants go in THREE HOURS

Coffee Morning


This years coffee morning proved as popular as ever. You can see from the crowds below that it was standing room only. And they were also generous.  We are very grateful for the ongoing support of the community, who clearly value what we do.  So look out for next years event, and join us for coffee and cakes


Open Gardens 2020

This year we were planning to hold our Open Gardens Event in the town centre, based on the lovely gardens in Coxwell Street, The Mead and other locations nearby.  however, because the rules on social distancing are likely to remain in place for much of the summer we have opted to postpone it until 2021.

We were hoping to raise money for Signpost, a local charity which does so much for homeless and vulnerable people.

Stay safe, keep well.

The Corona Virus plant sale

Most years we hold our main fund raising plant sale in the Market Place in late May.  You can see from the picture below just how successful it is.

Alison at Plant Sale

This year, because of the impact of social distancing we have decided that we are unable to hold a traditional market stall.   But our enthusiastic volunteers have been growing a whole range of plants for us.  So we have decided to hold a “virtual” plant sale, or perhaps a “dispersed” plant sale.

We will hold it on May 23rd, when we would have held our stall, but instead of the stall we will place plants at various locations around the town, mainly on people’s drives.   There will be no one to help you choose your plants, but you will be able to browse at your leisure (and respecting social distancing requirements) and then leave a donation in the box for the plants you have chosen.

Please rest assured we will be back with more plants for sale next year, its just a little difficult at the moment





Phoenix Gardeners Plant Sale

We are planning to hold our next plant sale on Saturday 27th May in the Market Place Cirencester.  It will be alongside the usual Farmers Market that day, but we hope we will have extra space for all the plants donated.

This is to encourage you to start growing now, so that we have lots of plants ready to sell and raise money.  And if you want to help, that’s great as well.




Coffee morning a great success

2018-03-07 12.25.01

Lots of people and lots of cake


More than £700 was raised at our coffee morning on 7th March.  The Bingham Gallery was heaving with people (and cakes).  In addition we had some generous donations and so we have raised enough to cover the cost of the summer bedding.

2018-03-07 12.02.07

A busy morning

Whilst the money was lovely, it was the level of support that was most important.  Throughout the morning people said how much they valued our work in the town.  And so many people turned up that we ran out of cups and had to borrow some from the Churn Project.  Overall a good morning

2018-03-07 11.43.12

Hazel and Ailsa at the coffee morning


Coffee morning a great success

2018-03-07 12.25.10

A great buzz!

More than £700 was raised at the coffee morning on March 7th  and in addition there were some generous donations.  The Bingham Gallery was full of people, so as one supporter said “You must be doing something right…”  The  money is lovely and will pay for the summer bedding, but it was the fact that so many people came that was really good.  The support offered to us by the community is invaluable, and to see so many people prepared packing the room was marvellous.  We even ran out of cups and had to borrow some from the Churn project.  But the committee and  helpers were really tired at the end of it.

2018-03-07 11.43.12

Hazel and Ailsa at the coffee morning

2018-03-07 12.25.01

Lots of people and lots of cake

2018-03-07 12.02.07